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  1. Bought my first trials bike @ age 67...bucket list thing. Goal = fun & exercise. '89 Aprilia Climber w/ Yamaha 142cc 2T. Living SE Asia.
  2. Have you tried rolling it down a grade & bumping?
  3. papa al

    Rusty Rotors

    If only that were possible! Large Brembo calliper casting encloses the axel.
  4. papa al

    Rusty Rotors

    I would welcome advice on how to accomplish that. Surely that would be easy for you to figure out. Rear calliper surely has survived > 5 min @ rocky to date. [some people like to exaggerate and talk shie, no prob.]
  5. papa al

    Rusty Rotors

    Bingo. Swing arm ends were cut off, swapped, and rewelded to accommodate switch.
  6. papa al

    Rusty Rotors

    Okay. Clean it up on a lathe, sandpaper/ steel wool? Rust is pretty heavy & pits. Maybe papa just worry too much. Up-side-down? You jus' messing' wi' papa, right?
  7. papa al

    Rusty Rotors

    100% newbie, but old. Just bought a old April Climber, site-unseen; had delivered. Bike seems mostly okay, but the rotors are rusty & pitted. The rear brake does not work well at all. The hydraulics & pads are good and seem to be contacting ok. Should I consider getting the rotors turned or is rusty okay, as the seller insists? Thanks.
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