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  1. Thanks guys, great help. All done now. Thanks again for your help.
  2. philbeese

    Throttle cable

    What is the best way to renew the throttle cable on a gasgas txt 280 pro 2004 please. Got a rough idea, but would like, if possible, another point of view. Or if someone could give me a link to a video showing how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a Gas Gas TXT280 pro 2004, I think that the coil may be breaking down. It's a ducati coil and cdi in one. Can anyone give me the resistance readings for this type of coil please. I would like to test it before going to the expense of buying a new one if it's not the problem. Thank you, much appreciated
  4. Choke jet been all cleaned, even had carb professionally dipped, needs choke every time when cold, no throttle. Every time I start it I always need to mess about with idle screw, once started runs perfectly. Also cleaned main jet.
  5. Thanks guys. It is a delortto carb, and I've set it as described in Jim Snells video on GasGas carbs. Got plenty of compression,good spark.it's just that if I turn the idle screw in to nearly stop position it will start 1st or 2nd kick and the turn it back out 3.5 turns. Floats are fine no problems.
  6. I have a Gas Gas TXT280 pro 2004 which takes a lot of kicking before it starts. Cleaned all earths, have a good blue spark. Changed pilot jet from 35 to 40, adjusted needle clip to 3rd notch down, mixture set at 3.5 turns. Bike only starts if air screw is almost right in, idles great. Seems like every time I start it I have to mess about with air screw. Is this right??? Don't have to do anything with my other bike except kick it. Thanks.
  7. I have a GasGas TXT280 pro year 2004 and it's hard to start. The spark although good is clear sometimes yellowish in colour (no hint of blue). It will start after a lot of kicking and altering the air screw, once started it ticks over no problem. But it only seems to start after altering the air screw, which then has to be set back to prevent the bike racing, is this normal??? Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
  8. Thanks guys for all your help. At least I got a better idea of where it goes now. Cheers
  9. Could anyone be able to explain to me how to fit the breather pipe onto the crankcase on a Gas Gas TXT 280 2001. I can't seem to see where it actually attaches. Any help gratefully accepted. Thank you
  10. I have recently replaced ignition coil on my TXT280 2000, but I am now unable to get spark. Checked all wiring, all seems in tact. Has anyone got any ideas what my problem could be please.
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