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  1. Hi I have a beta rev3 in bits and the main bearings do not sit tight on the crank .you can slide them on and off ! Is there cure for this or is it a new crank. I stripped the bike as it had end float so thought bearings were goosed but wasn't expecting this . Any help appreciated.
  2. col149

    Rear suspension

    Cheers, all ready got the manual but doesn't tell me what the optimum spring length is as a starting point.
  3. col149

    Rear suspension

    Just got a beta evo 2012 250 factory, how do i go about setting up the rear suspension. I'm roughly 15.5 st and when on the bike there isn't a lot of travel on the suspension .is there a required length that the spring should be at and is there standard setting for the damper screw . Mine is screwed out so it's springy all the time but unsure if this correct .It's working ok and not bottoming out but I don't know where to start with it .
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