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  1. pumacad

    WANTED TY 250 mono light loom

    Time Left: 19 days and 2 hours

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    Looking for a wire loom for a ty mono to run my head light will consider full lighting kit with all parts


  2. pumacad

    Montesa 4rt new running in

    I been lucky enough to buy a new 4rt .Do i have to run the engine in and if so what have you guys done to make sure it the right way to do it .I guess i will have to drop the oil after hour or 2 running any advice i be most most grateful
  3. pumacad

    monty info from new owner

    can some one tell me how often to change the oils and filter on a 2014 monty ,As this is my first monty im not quite sure how often it need to be done , Also when i go to insure the bike on a compare site it come up with a different model EG Honda ruck 250 scooter but allows me to scroll down to the monty also noticed the log book just says Honda no model type just red color and vin/frame no and engine no is this correct as i know that the dvla has made mistakes in the past ,as other trials bike i have had in the past come us with make and model on compare site
  4. pumacad

    tlr 200 tank shelter inner tank

    Hi jim I know who you are as i been to many local neath trials and seen you riding your TLR and monty ,If you want if you want i use mine as a prototype first and if works well i give it to you to try on your bike to see if you happy with fit and if you want i make you one also as you are a local rider
  5. pumacad

    tlr 200 tank shelter inner tank

    hi all thanks for the reply's i now have decided to make a alloy tank done the pattern form my tank having them laser cut in 2mm alloy to my template so its the exact replica of the plastic tank then i will bend them and Tig weld them up in work as i am a engineer CAD designer with use of machine shop ,I have done a design so its less welding as possible so make it will look very neat as the finished item
  6. pumacad

    tlr 200 tank shelter inner tank

    does any one know where i can get another polyethylene inner tank for my shelter as mine is leaking
  7. pumacad

    honda TLR 200 rear spokes

    Does anyone know the sizes or where i can get hold of some spoke to fit my bike i am planning to put a tubeless rim very similar to a 4rt rear wheel on my bike thanks