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  1. Hello got a 2011 300 factory evo the fuel tap was leaking so I got the full metal upgrade online went to take the old one out and it’s been cross threaded in the past, what’s my options is if possible to unscrew the boss out the tank and replace it? cheers
  2. Hi guys. I've got a 2005 rev 3 and the guy before me ripped out the electrics for lighting. I'm trying to re-enstate the front light, how do I get power for it? Do I take a live from the fan and negative from the kill? I found where he removed something from the fan wire (guessing it's for the light) looked at wiring diagram and couldnt really work it out. And Is there upgrade for the standard light? Here are some pics of the fan wiring Cheers.
  3. Hi, im new to the forum and was looking for your guys advice on a good smelling oil to use in my bike, I've been using comma fully synthetic 2 stroke oil at 70:1 mix. Could Castroll 747 work okay? Not sure if that's fully synthetic or not? Cheers
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