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  1. Erm I haven't had much of a look, but the base, barrel and head are all together still. The bike seat from a friend so he's been honest, he said it was running fine, just that the gear selector jammed hence the strip down, I presume to restore it. He also thinks 'all the parts are there' but after 4 years in a shed I'm not holding my breath. will me taking photos as I go along so will start a thread for it I'm sure. thanks for all the advice, and patience Adam
  2. Thanks, I emailed Martin at Sandiford off road, he said his dad certainly did import bikes back in the day but has no records of any anymore and that he doesn't deal with the old twin shocks anymore, in case anyone tries him again. Very eager eyes, something I wouldn't have noticed. Thankyou very much. When I can il check the engine number just to verify, should the number match the frame, in theory then?
  3. Good morning, I've checked the frame number, it reads 51M0401. Only information on this I can find is that it's a Cota 348-349, do the last 4 digits help you pin point the year? I couldn't find info on this. Also included some photos of the exhaust, as I couldn't get to the engine this morning.
  4. Thanks for the information, the bikes currently in a council garage to be sorted whilst I had to get a new unit (lost my last one before Christmas!) so il try to pop down tomorrow and take a photo of it, it won't help but it's rectangular from what I remember but I didn't pay much attention when picking it up, may be wrong. Will find out tomorrow. Yes that's my next step I think, are they pretty obviously placed?
  5. You'd be surprised how much is now, I'm 25 and been working in a ford dealership for 6 years. I know my way around a car engine but sadly motorbikes appear to be very different, obviously. And as I've literally no motorbike back ground, I wouldn't know names of parts etc. Oh that's interesting! So the bike has obviously been fiddled with at some point, although I would imagine most have due to being trials bikes. Curious wether the engine is from a 348 or 349, or won't they fit in the different frames. Possibly it's just the fuel tank that's from a 348, which is all I had to go by. The bike also came with a 'rover service and parts' folder, full with the exploded parts diagrams etc for a 348.
  6. Title says it all really! Girlfriend and family are heavily into bikes and I got 'donated' a Montesa 348 yesterday so decided to sign up to the club! Im a car technician by trade but have very little clue when it comes to bikes but always wanted to learn so what better way to start! Any local riders to the New Forest? Cheers, Adam.
  7. Thanks for the speedy reply. Sadly I've just had to google most of what you just said so I knew which bits you were talking about, I don't know all the names of parts yet.. as I haven't gone through the boxes yet, I don't know if the gearbox is in bits, I suspect it is. If so, I'm presuming I'm going to have to acquire new shims and check the gaps? Is Bultaco another brand of gearbox that these bikes had fitted or were used instead when replacing? As far as I was aware, the online records were meant to show all registered vehicles, possibly not scrapped vehicle (never tried). Is it possible it was imported and never registered in the UK? Reg shows as 'VEL 259S',
  8. Good evening guys and gals, Just yesterday I acquired my first motorbike, something that was bound to happen eventually with my girlfriend and her family being motorbike crazy. I'm a car technician by trade and have never tinkered with a motorbike so it should be an interesting experience. So yesterday I had a text from a friend who rides bikes, offering me a 'free trials bike', he sent a photo and I didn't know what I was looking at particularly, apart from a bike in bits but I asked if all the bits were there and he said yes so I thought sod it why not. Popped round and picked it up, didn't inspect anything as it was free... He said he brought it 4 years ago with his dad, and it was running but the gear selector had jammed. He thinks they fixed that issue but just never put it back together, but that was 4 years ago so he cant really remember. It's been sat in a shed since and for the last few months got moved outside without any shelter! I was just wondering if anyone could shed anymore information on these bikes, I've done a bit of research online but haven't found loads. I believe its just over 300cc, and only the 349 was 350cc? Does anyone know what I should be inspecting on the bike (common problem areas, anything to check out on the gear selector to see if it is going to work? Also, on a slightly different note, the bike came with a registration plate, but I've done a vehicle check on the .gov site and it doesnt find anything. Why could this be, how could I work around this to get a owners document. Sorry for the tons of questions, but I know you guys will have far better knowledge than me! Thanks in advance, Adam
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