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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I heated up the air-box rubber and it became more malleable, and fits better. I will just try and source a thinner jubilee clip, as the one already on there is too wide. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for your response and time Wayne. Yes the rubber is present. I will try your procedure and see how I get on. Attached is the photos I just took- the bottom one shows the nipple that is hitting the engine. sorry for the poor pictures- it shows the current gap, and after a few mins of riding the gap at the bottom is 2mm+, allowing dirty air into the carb.
  3. Evening all. I purchased the above bike as a fixer up'er/ hobby. The final thing to do before I can start riding it is attach the carb to the airbox correctly. When the two are joined the carb doesn't sit flush into the airbox rubber, even if i do the jubilee clip up tight, it holds it whilst the bike sits on the stand, but not well enough to hold and ride, and shake around. The carb nipple on the bottom has even started to wear away at the top of the engine casing. Anyone have an idea of how to remedy? I have thought about using a turbo tube of a vehicle, this will do the job, but I would rather complete the task properly rather than a temp bodge.
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