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  1. Transit = Rust Get a Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Trafic / Nissan Primastar (all exactly the same) IMO they are a much better vehicle than a Transit, nicer to drive and dont rust!
  2. Yes absolutely. Van will be the chosen transport. Transporting on a trailer was how the Pinky was stolen. The scum followed me home from Guisborough and took the trailer with the bike attached, whilst i was unlocking my garage to put it away. I've never been so shocked........ i returned to the car within 90 seconds and it was gone! I actually thought it was my neighbour playing a practical joke on me.................. sadly it wasn't. Think i might also invest in a Rattlesnake (with toothache) as additional security. Carty
  3. Thanks to those who have replied so far. Your advice is noted, and appreciated. Carty
  4. I am based in County Durham, close to Staindrop.
  5. Following a twenty + years sabbatical, i am feeling the need to get back into beginners trials. My previous bike (which wasnt with me for long due to some crooked thieving low life ) was a Yamaha Pinky. I'm looking for advice on the following please: Choice of bike: I am 5'10 tall and 100 kg. I have roughly £1200 to £1400 spend Having looked on the various auction sites for available bikes, i think my options are: Beta Rev, Sherco, Gas gas, Scorpa SY (similar to my previous Yam?) obviously i have no experience of these newer machines and looking for guidance. I am assuming a 250cc will be the right capacity, with me slightly larger than average? All / any advice greatly received ie suitability for me, reliability, parts availability, ease of maintenance ect ect. Insurance Who are good to deal with for insuring my potential purchase? What requirement do they have as far as security and storage is concerned? Thanks in advance for any help offered! Carty
  6. A new member to T C. I had a Yamaha Pinky some 20 years ago, but sadly it was taken from me by some low life scum, and that pretty much put and end to my Trials beginning..............before it got started!!! I was talked into spending a day at Inch Perfect last Friday (17th March) and the weather was truly horrendous, but despite this and having not sat on a bike for 20 years, i actally had a pretty good day..... Yes, granted, the rain and hail were horizontal, the gale force wind was biting cold and there was some localised flooding on the way home,but it has sparked my interest again.. I was entrusted with (what appeared to be) a very recent Montesa Honda 4RT which i enjoyed riding immensley, with my limited previous experience and my superb abilty to fall off at any opportunity... Our instructor, John, was very patient with me (and i thank him for that) even to the point that he rode the bike out of various situations for me as i wasnt confident enough i could do it (and certainly didnt wish to damage the bike) My plan is to return to Inch Perfect for another day, but preferrably when the weather is significantly better, in the hope i will learn a lot more. Thanks again to Inch Perfect and John, plus the guys whose group i was in. Sorry for slowing you all down whilst i kept picking myself up! Carty
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