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    Gear oil

    Hi everybody. I am just about to do my first oil change on my 2019 Sherco 250. I have taken into account all the recommendations but would like to put it out to the forum to see other individuals opinions and experiences. All feedback will be gratefully received.
  2. Is anyone riding at either Shatterford or button oak tomorrow? I've been informed that Shatterford is too slippery to ride after its rained. I'm not sure what the conditions will be like as we've had some heavy showers over the past couple of days. Also I don't know what the access at Shatterford is like, my dad wants to come and watch (being a trials rider himself) but he is on crutches with a broken leg. I like riding button oak but I'm concerned that he won't be able to get down the slope from the road. If anyone has any advice I would be extremely grateful.
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