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  1. Just recently picked up a scorpa long ride 125. Needs a few things doing to get it up to scratch mainly the fork seals as they are shot. The main thing I want/need help with is to swap over the fork caps which extend the forks 4cm. Could anyone point me in the direction of caps that would fit the 38mm paioli forks. These are not an adjustable model.
  2. Turns out someone has put 428 chain and sprockets on the bike. I didn't bother checking when I bought the rear sprocket as I expected it to be standard. So I've picked up a 12t 520 front sprocket with stock being 11t I believe. Just need to grab a 520 chain and I'm good to try it out. Worst thing that can happen is I'd have to grab a 11t front sprocket if it's too over geared which isn't an issue. Anyways the fork seals and brake floaters have turned up so I think that's what I will be doing on Friday along with new pads front and rear. After that it will be new (second hand) master cylinders for the clutch and front brake as it currently has ones with external reservoirs which is a silly thing to have on a bike of this nature, I've already bent up the reservoir mounts from falling off the bike. The rear brake master cylinder has some serious damage from what looks like the bike being used without a chain tensioner, I already have an ajp master cylinder in my box of spares from a geared moped that uses the same calipers so at some point il swap that over too. Also I've found a original silencer on a Italian website that is for this bike which I must grab as mine has a moped silencer bodged on using a piece of rubber to clamp
  3. I'm still waiting on the seals to turn up from France before I can do the forks, I found a post that says they take between 190 and 210mm of oil so will use that as a starting point, easy enough to add a bit more if need be. The clutch was slipping in 4th 5th and 6th. But with the clutch slip it turns out the pressure plate was sitting at an angle. This was caused by the push rod not being fit to the pressure plate properly, The part the push rod screws into was not slotted into the pressure plate causing it to sit on the wonk. The clutch itself looked perfectly fine with lots of meat on the friction plates. Since sorting the pressure plate out the clutch now bites hard, it will quite happily pop up the front wheel now where as before it would slip. The clutch springs were already beyond worn since there was a variety of washers on them so it was a good thing I got some springs for that. I do realise raising the gearing will have an affect on being able to slow down to a crawl without slipping the clutch but I am willing to give it a test to see how well it copes as it would be nice to have a bit of fun on some local ish byways. It's got alot of torque for a 125 so I think it should fair ok.
  4. Picket up some putoline fork oil in 7.5wt and some putoline light gear oil today ready for when I get down and dirty. If anyone has an idea on how much oil goes into the fantic section marzocchi forks it would be a great help. It appears the 125 uses the same forks as the 249 if that is any help.
  5. On the way I have coming. Fork oil and dust seals. (Just need to find out how much oil per fork to put in. I'm thinking of going with 7.5wt due to me only being 64kg) Front mounts for the floating disc Clutch springs (I'm going try new springs first to fix the slipping before forking out for the plate set) 40t rear sprocket to raise the gearing a bit as it's a road legal bike so I'd like a bit more cruising power as the closest place for me is about 10 miles.
  6. Nothing comes up for fm 361 it was the first thing I done. Thanks for your help ............
  7. I ended up buying the bike. It was cheap so it will e my little project. The engine is a fm361 Things I know so far that need doing are as follows. Fork seals (I need to know how much oil in each fork) Clutch slips (does the clutch in this fit other models of bikes? May be easier to find the clutch plates for another bike) Front brake disc has play on the collets it sits on. And a slight weep of oil from the inspection window for the gearbox. Other than that it is all there, a bit tatty but I will enjoy tarting this up a bit. Any help is much appreciated Tom
  8. Cheers for the advice. My main thought is sourcing things like a new piston could be a right head ache.
  9. Hi there. Going to look at a fantic section 125 but cannot find much out about them with Google. Anything to look out for? What oil ratio should I use? Cheers
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