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  1. Good suggestions, thanks. I bought new rim strips. These bikes are on the original tires (badly dry rotted). Nipples are somewhat rusty, so I'll need to play with them. Maybe I'll re-lace? I don't know...we'll see. I have a No-Mar setup for my street tires and a great dirt bike wheel stand. I always use the no-mar paste when I mount tires because it's slicker than pig's snot and is veggie based. I found a few of the rebuild kits, but like you, I'm suspicious. My plan is just to upgrade the caliper to something modern.
  2. So far...nothing. One of my bikes is usable, though not ideal with the front brake. I've been working on so many other projects that I just haven't had time to address it. However, I plan to find some time to go over the bike very soon. Just picked a new set of tires last week, so I'll get to it soon. braktec, ajp, whatever I can find a deal on. I have a feeling the seals are starting to seize in my Hebos and that what the issue is. Just a guess though...
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Gas Gas got back to me with the same news a few weeks ago and I neglected to update the thread here. Feeling pretty happy to have this before really tearing into anything.
  4. I have a line on an AJP. I think I'll bite the bullet. Any good source for AJP parts (seals)? May as well refresh it while it's off.
  5. His perspective was that the seals aren't currently available and that the calipers weren't very good anyway. I have no dog in this fight...
  6. There's no spooge on the exhaust now, but I'm used to it with my KTM. This bike is clean in comparison! I just got off the phone with Trials Parts USA looking for some parts. He more or less said the same things regarding the water pump and engine in general. I'll be doing a thorough once over on these bikes and will probably do a light duty resto on them this winter to make them fresher. I was excited to buy a trials bike, but I'm giddy now that I've ridden my own, lol. He did mention that it sounds like my brakes are in need of service. New caliper and maybe a m/c rebuild. Time to start looking for calipers...
  7. I figured they'd float, I just didn't know how much was allowable. It gave me pause when I squeezed the front brake lever and bounced the forks. Lo and behold, I found a definite click when the entire rotor would rotate about the mounting bushings/screws. It was a weird sensation that I've never experienced before on any of my other bikes (many other current and former dirt, street, and track bikes). I'm going to do a good once over and figured I'd do what you recommended. I think I'll also rebuild the m/c since it IS going on 16 years old! My allusion to my KTM was mainly that its brake was/is amongst the worst I've experienced on a dirt bike. I've learned to live with that, but it's just not as reliably good as others. Another topic for another day. I'm looking forward to learning, thanks! OK, that confirms it. I was told 75:1. It didn't sound crazy to me given the engine speeds these things typically run, but I wanted to verify before doing permanent damage!
  8. Thanks for the responses, guys. I did find that link to the Gas Gas site the other night and the parts diagrams were very helpful. Bummer on the owners manuals, though. I'd like some of the simple information such as fuel/oil ratio...the owner was running 40:1, but I've 'heard' that these need MUCH less oil. I literally know nothing about these things...other than I can have a blast in my backyard for over an hour! I'll check out that YouTube link, thanks! Back on the brakes, though. How good are the front brakes supposed to be? I get a really good squeak out of it and it doesn't bite anywhere near as hard as I'm used to. Even my lousy old KTM has a better front brake. I guess I expected a stronger brake on a trials bike to loft the rear wheel. Something like the rear brake which works AMAZING. Hopefully just a matter of a fresh bleed and new pads(?).
  9. First post here, hoping you guys can provide some guidance. I just picked up a 2001 TXT 280 and a 2002 TXT 280 Edition (from the same seller) and need some help. Does anyone have the owners manuals or a way to obtain them? Same thing with the service manual. I need to change fork seals and would like oil height, torque specs, etc. Also, are there any things I should be looking for on these machines? They've been loved, but are in workable condition. Lastly, how much rotor float should there be on these bikes? Both bikes' front rotors are loose. Bolts are tight, but there is a large amount of axial and rotational slop. I don't know if the bushings are worn, if the rotors are past their prime, or both. Or if this is just normal. Hopefully a service manual will shed light on some of these questions.
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