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  1. Thats great, thanks for the information. I have been looking on ebay quite a bit for one. I may yet buy another Ossa MAR frame if it required butchery, wouldn't want to not be able to go back to a solo bike, but dont have funds for a complete new outfit, plus wife thinks i have enough toys already :)

  2. Hi folks,

    Fancy having a go at sidecar trials and currently own a 1975 Ossa Mar 250. 

    2 questions if i may, does anyone know of a used chair for sale for sensible money, if not i will have a go at making one as plenty of reference photos around and i can weld (or so i tell myself) but has anyone done it to an Ossa before, can find pictures of a yellow Ossa 350 on the web but the frame looks different, it's the headstock mount that looks tricky to resolve.

  3. well solved the clutch slip/kickstart issue, put it all together and started to kick it over when the kickstart went all floppy again. Damn i thought its the springs again but no this time the kickstart knuckle has cracked through so it cant grip!!

    InMotion have it listed but out of stock, has anyone ever found an alternative that fits, tried all my ductai/benelli ones to no avail, or know of a source of knuckles.

  4. Hi,

    Just a couple of questions about classic trials events and bike spec.

    The clutch on my Ossa MAR is heavier than the one on my Ducati, and on Ebay you can buy some really cheap chinese hydraulic clutch kits whihc might bring a solution to the heaviness, would these be allowed in twin shock trials or is it deemed out of keeping?

    Secondly, as acquired the bike is missing one spoke out of each wheel, can you buy single spokes, if so from where, or would it not be a scrutineering failure?

    Thanks for any advice offered. regards, Ian.

  5. Hi,

    just changed the clutch springs in my MAR for new ones and now the kickstart doesn't turn the engine, and there is a nasty spring recoil noise,seems to be return spring noise,  have checked that there is plenty of free play in cable and that the new springs are tensioned up enough, 

    any ideas, am going to refit original springs but seems like the rachet is no longer engaging. would rather not have to split cases.

    Thanks for any advise

  6. Hi,

    just changed the clutch springs in my Ossa Mar250  trying to make the pull more acceptable and now the kickstart doesn't work when the kickstart lever is moved by hand there is very little pressure and then you hear (What i assume to be the return spring) make a spring slipping noise, but the engine hardly turns before the spring makes it's noise and the lever just flops.

    Any guidance appreciated, i have checked cable isn't kinked and has plenty of slack at the lever, but have'nt gone back to original springs yet but i cant see the clutch slipping, as i know the kickstart drives through the clutch. I guess its something obvious i'm missing.

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