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  1. Oh ok just heard this,thought there might be more of a difference thanks
  2. Bought a new cdi for the bike and my bike does not have a switch on.Apparently the switch makes the bike softer or the other way around,I wanted to no wether mine's running on the softer setting or not think it's the red and yellow wire.Wonder which way around it is!!!earth it to go softer or more performance???.As I want it running on the revvy side.If I have to earth the wire can you show me pics of yours for an idea thanks.
  3. i will check the fuel tank breather as well,im using normal petrol.
  4. Tried it again tonight and it's popping straight away,yer the fan has been kicking in.Had 3 outings on it and one of the days it was fine,that's what's making think cdi!.Gonna clean the carb check the reeds and change the spark plug,it seemed worst the last time would not rev up like it was running out of fuel,and pinking
  5. I have just recently bought mine and when it's hot it's popping cracking from the engine and when you twist throttle it's not picking up,could it be the cdi?.Runs great for about an hour then starts when its hotter.
  6. Hi everyone new to the trialling game,did the 250 have pinking problems as well?
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