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  1. In 1980 I bought a model 87 (350 Pursing) for $300. It ran great. Summer of 1980 took it to Ensenada, Mexico and had a blast with it on the beach until a guy walked up to me to have a chat and he stuck a pistol in my face. He said he was the police and I asked him for proof because he was dressed like the typical Mexican citizen. He showed me an ID that reminded me of an E-ride ticket at Disneyland. Needless to say I wasn't feeling like anything good was about to happen. He had me follow him to a shack about 2 hundred yards away, we went inside and he made a phone call. I didn't think I'd be going home. After about 10 minutes 2 Mexican cops showed up in their cop car. They cuffed me and stuck my bike in the trunk of their car and proceeded to break whatever they could on it for a minute or two. Exhaust pipe, kick starter shaft, and a few other things. We drove off and headed down a dirt road into a low income neighborhood. They stopped and asked me for $50. I had about $52 on me at the time so I was happy to give them whatever they wanted as long as I would be released. I actually thought they were going to finish me off. After paying tolls I got to San Diego with $0.10 on me. Fortunately I had filled my truck with gas the day before. Didn't have any card back then, just cash. Bike sat in pieces in bad shape for about 37 years up until about 3 months ago when I decided I was either going to get rid of it or get it running. I had never worked on bikes before and had a new piston installed and cylinder bored and rebuilt the carb and a few other new parts. I am having a blast with it and don't plan on taking it back to Mexico.