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  1. My 2019 280 has been running and starting sweet every time. The yesterday, leant her up against a tree to look at some video clips, and has never started since. Checked all wiring connections, striped carb, changed fuel, blew out pipes. Only thing found is that the spark is pretty intermittent when held against the head. Have ordered a new one. Wondering if this may be the CDI issue. Will know more on Friday when the plug arrives.
  2. Hello, I’ve just bought a TRS having not done any trials for 7 years, previously having had a Beta a gas gas and then a montesa. I’m well over 50 now and I was never that great but have the luxury of living on a farm where I can practise alongside my son in law. I’ve been biking for years on various road bikes, trackday bikes, Enduro bikes and still have a 1098s for the summer. Love MotoGP and ride to Le Mans and Silverstone every year. Looking forward to good trials advise and banter. Cheers
  3. I had some zeros a few years back but wondered what’s the difference with them and the sidi courier? I’m looking for a new pair of boots that come further up my legs.
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