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    Getting bike fit??

    whatever you decide to do make sure you have some structure and goals otherwise you can't tell if you've improved and then if what you are doing is having a positive effect on your riding, start small say 2-3x a week for an hour whatever you choose to do build up and try to have a 4 week plan gradually increasing your overall volume up to week 4 then reduce for the last week this is where your body will recover and get stronger hope this helps
  2. do you have the stats for the easy/ beginner riders as that would proberly be more relavant as i'm starting out knowing what experts use might not directly relate to how user friendly a bike is ?
  3. awesome thanks just sent them a message about helping out where i can, think 2 stroke is the way to go by the sounds of what everyone has said to me seen some loverly bikes at gordon farley motorcycles today
  4. west sussex chichester, makes sense any 2 stroke i've ever ridden have no power till the power band then go nuts and that seemed very odd for a trials bike to me but if there tuned differently makes sense i'm looking at going to a couple of meetings to observe/ help set up and get to know some people like you say then can either find someone to borrow a bike to try or one for sale
  5. what's the advantage to the 2 strokes i thought as i'm starting out a 250 2 stroke would be quite aggressive, what's the maintenance like on a 2 stroke
  6. i've raced short circuit bikes for a few years now and after breaking my leg quite badly got run over i'm having a year out to recover and wait till i've got my pin out before starting up again in the mean time want to start some trails riding done it once on a day out with some friends and loved it but never took it any further, i'm now after some advice what bike i should get from what i've seen a 250 4 stroke seems a good starting point is that right ? looking to spend £1500-£3000 depending how my money goes and if the extra money is worth spending be great to get some advice and go from there rob