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  1. Hi, Could someone confirm if this is the temperature sensor that needs to be disconnected that will stop the power limitation feature ? ive looked at the pics on the oset website and it doesn’t look like the connector shown, but neither do the others ! thanks
  2. I’m trying to find out whether my beta is a factory model or not. Guy I bought it off wasn’t sure at the time but sold it to me on the assumption it wasn’t. It’s had an engine rebuild last year when big end went and mechanic thought it may be factory because of some of the extras on there. It’s got “factory” on the casing, yellow rear shock, and some other noticeable differences but wondered whether there was anything really obvious I could check it against. The Vin number is really hard to read on it, but I’ve got the engine number (it’s deffo a 300). Guy I bought it off couple of years back sold it as a 14 model. Decals are nothing to go by as they’ve been changed a couple of times. I’m putting it up for sale as I don’t use it (it’s immaculate) so I just need to find out more info before I advertise. Thanks
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