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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately there's not much room at the side the tread is on (about 4cm) - difficult to fit a clamp when I tried that.
  2. Keep pulling/pushing it through in the direction it's already gone? I could continue to tighten the nut - which is what I was doing until I realised it should have stopped by now. Doh! The sheared head end is wider than the mount hole in the frame which is what it's stuck in so was thinking if I kept moving it through it'll just get stuck in the dog bone bush (the short 'correct' one) and then the mount on the other side. Perhaps worth a shot though if I can cut it down...
  3. With the lockdown here I thought it a perfect time to take the back end off the Evo and check and regrease all the bearings, linkages, ect. (I'll get the limp excuse in now - this is my first trials bike and the first time I've taken it apart to this extent...and initially I was just changing the fork seals but go carried away!) It was the putting it all back together that I cocked up: When refitting the dog bones I didn't realise the 'special bolt' had sheared it's head as I was tightening it until it was quite far into the frame... Not sure it's a Beta specific quirk but the positioning of the front dog bone mounts are not very accessible from the sides so I have no way of setting a drift (or such) against the opposite end and tapping the bolt back out - which means, as much as I've tried tapping (sworn at) it the thing wouldn't go back out. Can see how far in the head is here compared to the left hand one. As it was well and truly in there I decided it would at least hold the dog bone in place and serve it's purpose. It was when I went to refit the swing arm that I realised the bushes in the ends of the dog bones have different internal diameters (front and rear) due to different size bolts.....and of course one of the larger rear bushes was in the stuck front end of that dog bone! So lifting the swing arm now highlights the couple of mm movement on that link (not easy so see in photos): So....is the frame going to split in half and I'm going to have to bring my bike back to my van in a wheelbarrow from the first section of (whenever) the next trial is....or do I just ride and keep an eye on it? Cheers for reading Dan
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