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  1. Chrisrhondda

    02 Txt 280 Ran Backwards, Now Won't Start

    Can anyone guide me as to what size woodruff key I would need for a 2001 gasgas txt 280 not the pro
  2. Chrisrhondda

    Hi all Newbie from South Wales

    Same here I’m looking at getting a Towbar fitted on my van and maybe then purchase a 3 bike trailer
  3. Chrisrhondda

    Hi all Newbie from South Wales

    What you riding Tone? Should come up the Rhondda with us 3 or if you know somewhere near you we could meet up and give it a go lol
  4. Chrisrhondda

    2001 GasGas TXT 280 ADVICE NEEDED

    I’ve done 2 short videos for you to have a look at to see if you can hear what I’m saying regarding the missing, fan still not cutting in even off a 12v battery so gonna order a new one tomorrow and thermostatic switch
  5. Chrisrhondda

    2001 GasGas TXT 280 ADVICE NEEDED

    Ok thank you for your advise I will certainly do this and let you know how I get on
  6. Chrisrhondda

    Hi all Newbie from South Wales

    Oh yeah it was cold lol freezing in fact, I will join the club first and apply for acu licences then look for places in South Wales area offering official training courses acu accredited
  7. Chrisrhondda

    2001 GasGas TXT 280 ADVICE NEEDED

    Thank you very much for your very informative reply much appreciated and i will now go through the process of each section and eliminate each item until I find out the culprit thanks once again for your reply
  8. Chrisrhondda

    2001 GasGas TXT 280 ADVICE NEEDED

    Hi all i purchased a 2nd hand gasgas txt 280 and when i test drove it I noticed water coming from the pipe on the radiator and a lot of steam exactly as if it was overheating, I asked the guy is this normal and he showed me the fan and said that it do stick sometimes as the bike hasn't been used for a while and he flicked the fan and all was fine after that.. However I gave it a full service on the weekend because it wasn't running right (when being ridden sounds as if it was hunting for fuel) so a mate of mine adjusted the air mixture screw to allow more fuel and the bike did start to sound a lot better. So on Sunday we decided to take the bikes out all was well at first then the bike started overheating and water was coming from the radiator pipe and the one on top of the head, i tried to spin the fan it spun once or twice then stopped . Also the engine was running like as if the kill switch was being pressed on and off and when trying to start the bike it would give an almighty backfire which to me isn't right ? i tried to start it back up when i got home to no avail the odd backfire and that was it, I also tried again today it started but then cut out and again gave a big backfire like a shot gun going off. On a seperate issue it suffers really bad from clutch drag is there any fix for this or a way i can improve this so its not as bad. Thanks in advance and i do apologise for the long thread Chris
  9. Chrisrhondda

    Hi all Newbie from South Wales

    That’s our next port of call to join Rhondda club, was speaking to Gareth from t tyres and he mentioned the Rhondda club, went up week before last to watch a trial that was being held there, we popped up yesterday for a couple of hours on our trials have a look about etc. I’m booking off in work to go to the Merthyr trials to have a nose. Thanks for replying m8
  10. Chrisrhondda

    Hi all Newbie from South Wales

    Hi all I’m new to trials riding, my son aged 11 and my neighbour are also new to trials, I ride a gasgas txt 280, my son rides a gasgas txt 125 and my neighbour a Sherco 250. Looking to meet any other members from the South Wales area to learn as much as we can from more experienced riders, thanks in advance Chris 👍