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  1. Thanks a lot for your help! Kind regards max
  2. Hello Collegs, I'am goning to repair a old Montesa 311 for a good friend, but he lost thre right crabkase cover, the one with the waterpump in it. You see it on the photo what is missing ? I need the whole item with the waterpump, (waterpump must be OK). Or a contact were I can get one This would be realy helpfull for me, thanks in advance. Max
  3. Hi Johnnyboxer, can you tell me wich shop it was???
  4. Hi Folks, I need a recommendation for a good bashplate wich protects the frame near the footpegs better than the stock one. I have in my mind CSP (Costa Special Parts), KVR (Kindsvogel Germany) or the english ones from HD-Racing. I dont want to spend more than 180 Euro so the Mitani are out of the race. Maybe you have some pictures of these bashplates mounted on the bike, this would help me in my decision finding. Kind regards hardy
  5. Sorry for the delay, her is the picture of the 2018 ECU, there is no difrence exept from the "stamp" on it wich is NN4 GL21 mine ont he 2017 is NN4 G24....
  6. Yes of course full power mod was done completly, this ist the reason why we are all so confused in the club ;-) I double checked everything to make absolutly shure...
  7. Thank you sportawyer, I think on the weekend I will pull the fender of my friends bike and when he has the L31 ECU, I will help him to avoid an accident by going to fast and replace his ECU with mine ;-) No when this ECU makes this big difrece I will buy one. Thanks for your help, I will keep you informed.
  8. This is my ECU the number wich is printed on in "NN4 G24"
  9. Circut "open" is (big button down, this is a standard killswitch from an other motorbike) full power map, small button down, circut closed rain map..... you yust have to look at the electric-plan at the end of your manual, there you see everything....
  10. Thank you for your help, awesome!
  11. @ jimmyl: Our "Mainland Europe"" Models dont have the map switch, we must pinout the white and green cabel for full power (because they must be streetlegal when sold). We compared it to a 2015 Model last year and we found that the 2017 is a little bit better on the throttel response, but nothing seriously. @ sportsawyer: Thanks for the Info! yes we pulled the fenders down and I think this was exactly the same but I will check this week. BTW Do you have a Parts Manual for the 2017 Modell, I only got the old one (2014). Do you have a link to this or can you mail it to me? Thanks hardy
  12. Hello all together, Maybe someone has a few informations for me. In our club we had a few 4RT from all years. I have the 2017 standard version and I'm super happy with it, my buddy tried it, found it also great and bought one. Modell 2018. We all thought this is exactly the same bike (not the bahplatte, chainguard and decals ;-)) But when we swaped bikes there was this "WTF-moment" the 2018 modell seems to have much more power in the topend, and also more agressive at low rpm. All bikes are in "fullpower-mode". So my question is: Is it only a new mapping in the ECU or did they changed something mechanicaly, like more compression diffrent camshaft.... When it is only a ECU thing, can I remap my ECU ?.... Thanks for your input. hardy
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