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  1. ludi

    Crankshaft seal

    First of all thank you so much for all the replies! I should have mentioned before that the engine is already out of the frame since i tried to clean the cases up a little bit. (There was lots of oil on the ignition side because of that leaking seal) I disconected the clutch line and will try to reverse-bleed it with a syringe once I take it back together. I tried to split the cases without disassembling anything on the right side but the spring of the kickstart mechanism was still under tension so I had to remove the clutch and kickstart mechanism first in order to finally split the cases. I think I will replace the left side crank bearing + seals and also replace the seals of the driveshaft and shifting lever. If I have any more questions I will report here. Thanks again and have a good day everyone.
  2. ludi

    Crankshaft seal

    Hello Guys, first of all sorry for my bad english The crankshaft seal on the ignition side of my TXT Pro 280 2006 is leaking oil so i tried to pull the seal out with a screw. This did not work since the seal is so small so now I am thinking about splitting the cases. In order to do so, is it necessary to remove the clutch, kick starter and waterpump? It would be much easier for me to just dissasemble the cylinder and undo all the allen screws so only the ignition side of the case comes off and the clutch, etc. can stay on. I hope you understand what I mean. Greets
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