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  1. I read so much on what a waste of time installing cctv is a waste of time, and hopefully i may be able to change peoples minds, before you ask I am in the security industry and am not trying to sell anything just sharing my knowledge. Yes cheap cctv systems mounted near your gutter will never identify a thief nor will any cctv camera alone stop a theft. But with abit of careful planning and a half decent system set up correctly will certainly alert you by email or text message that there is activity, Cameras mounted low enough to pick out a face but high enough not to be tampered with could certainly make the difrence between never seeing your bike again and getting it back. good night vision qualities will certainly help identify a theifs activity. And are not alot more money than the £200-300 sets from your big name retailers. Just abit of food for thought.
  2. Thanks il check them out
  3. Hi All Just started out in trials after rebuilding a gg txt125 and txt pro 25 over the winter looking to join a club any recomendations? Been riding mx for a few years but realised its to aggressive for the responsibility i have on my shoulders .............
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