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  1. gasgasgurl

    Rear Brakes

    ok, whenever i bleed my rear brakes and get them working, they are fine,and they work, however once i go out on my bike after about 20-30 mins, they sieze up, and they only way to get ride of this is to completely remove the pressure. this continually happens everytime i bleed my brakes, any ideas on whats going on, as i get to a point where i just dont use my back brake. cheers.
  2. hmmm. i took the carb off gave some jets a clean and put it back on, never had a look at the floats, so could be them, definetly a fuel prob which is annoying me! ill have another look cheers!
  3. hey guys, i registered a few years ago but havent really posted much, im from a small village called mallaig which is about 30mins away from Fort William, home of the S.S.D.T. been living in glasgow for the past year, which sadly means i dont get out on my bike much, however when im home i try and get out as much as possible.
  4. bikes been sitting for over a year went out to start it today and go for a run but nothing, its getting a spark, i drained the fuel out of the carb so the new fuel could get through, but when i try to see if the fuel is getting through its not. any ideas on how to get it going? cheers
  5. i have a 2001 gasgas txt 200...the plastics of my bike are RED....ive heard that this is very rare in a 200?......i know that i can use a 250 mudguard etc. but i'm unsure of weather id be able to get a red seat panel with 200 on it? does anyone knoe weather i would be able to?...thanks gasgasgurl
  6. hello, im new to trials central so i thought id drop in and say hey ... im a young lassie from the north west coast of scotland and live only a hour away from most of the SSDT action!! So once again Heya People!!
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