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  1. I have a Beta 200 EVO that needs a new chain, but it’s 101 links with a half link. I can’t find one anywhere, apart from Beta uk, but the chain is £80 plus postage. Can anyone suggest a supplier or will I need to buy a chain plus half link and rivet it to the chain?

  2. I have a Beta EVO 200 2016 and a Beta 250 2015. I’ve recently cleaned the 200 carb and yesterday decided to clean the 250 carb. When I removed the 250 carb I found a vent pipe on top of the engine. I think this pipe has fallen off the vent on the bottom of the carb, but I’m confused as to why the 250 has a vent pipe and the 200 doesn’t have this pipe. Both carbs are the same. Should the 200 have a pipe? I believe this pipe is used to direct the over flow fuel away from the engine, but does it have an effect on the bike performance?



  3. I’m looking to buy a van to transport 2, possibly 3 Trials bikes. I’ve narrowed it down to  Ford Connect (new shape) L2 or a Citroen Dispatch (new shape). I’d prefer to buy the Ford, but checking the dimensions of the van it seems close for two bikes, so very close for 3 bikes. The Dispatch has more space but lower mpg. Does anybody have a connect L2 with 3 bikes or dispatch?

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