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  1. Excellent thanks for that much appreciated
  2. Hi woody here's a pic of the bike cheers Lee
  3. Hi I'm in the process of buying a montesa 349 which numbers are 51m22907 anybody know what year this is any information much appreciated regards Lee It has the fuel level pipe in the side of the tank if that makes it any easier to date???
  4. Hi everyone I've just joined up. I've just bought a bultaco lobito 175???? Early seventies but the engine numbers start with m-8 and the frame numbers start b-8. The bike was imported from the states not by me on other sites are saying it's a model 80? Which makes it a 1971 sherpa? Is this correct i will post some pics tomorrow it certainly looks like a mk5 lobito but the matching numbers have certainly thrown a spanner in the works. Any information much appreciated regards Lee Stephens
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