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  1. Sip77

    Evo 290 hole

    Yes it's the big hole. The casing feels very thin around the hole and it is rough around the edges. Like it's been hit with a hammer. Maybe an end of day casing when the tools have been dropped!
  2. Sip77

    Evo 290 hole

    Thanks guys that's put my mind at rest. I'll get new crank seals in this week and see how she goes.?
  3. Sip77

    Evo 290 hole

    The oil was a grey green colour but not seen any debris. I'll stick it back together and change oil again see what it looks like. Thanks.
  4. Sip77

    Evo 290 hole

    Anybody know if this hole is meant to be here? Doesn't look like it to me? will it be a problem or will it need sorting?
  5. Sip77

    2009 evo 300

    Thanks I'll give it another clean and check it out.
  6. Sip77

    2009 evo 300

    I can't see or smell any petrol leaking anyplace . The idle screw is turned fully in and the air screw doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. Maybe once it's around 3 turns out it does.
  7. Sip77

    2009 evo 300

    Hi guy's. I have a 2009 beta evo 290 which has started guzzling fuel, around 2-3 litres an hour. There is no leaks I can see with engine running or not and the carb is clean with floats set. Not had bike long so I'm not really sure about power but it doesn't feel much better than my old rev3 200. Any info, help, ideas would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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