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  1. Thanks for this! I am still having a look at it...the previous owner got it running after he got it and replaced the flywheel as it was missing... I am a little worried about being able to turn the motor over so easily with the flywheel, maybe due to the 6.0:1 CR? The bearings feel a little graunchy... I think I might do a proper rebuild rather than riding it around right now. I am planning on taking off all the stuff if I am going to ride it...but the tank is mint, I dont think it has but one tiny little ding! It also has an orphan gear lever, I will have to put a new one on... I was saying to friends, I hardly ever buy a bike that actually runs!
  2. feetupforfun thanks for this! I saw them, but the mail is so screwed up right now I dont really want to order anything.....took 6 weeks to get a little parcel across the country and UPS just took almost 2 weeks to go 213km. I am looking at a couple of places..locally. Do all the covers fit? or just the 74A, did they change the cases, or is it just the flywheel width.
  3. Thanks for this! Is this the one...only seems to be one on Ebay...do you know where there a pile of them? ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-1974-Yamaha-TY250-A-Engine-Motor-Crank-Case-Stator-Magneto-Left-Side-Cover-/163524851765
  4. Hi there! Just purchased a 1977 TY250 and it is missing the left hand flywheel/magneto cover. Does anyone have an extra?
  5. Thanks for this, just called Dave and it looks as though he can help me out!,,
  6. I have a 1990 Beta Zero which I bought a couple of years ago. It has started and run fine, but I am not using it. I have not had to purchase any parts but I now have it for sale and am getting questions about parts. I see that impellers are hard to come by, but are there any around? I also see that there is a Techno impeller fix, using a modded shaft?i want to make sure that whoever gets the bike will be able to fix it.
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