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  1. Baldy

    Sherco 250

    Afternoon all. I may need some engine casings for a 2011 model . Are the casings on all 250s the same or do they have to be yr specific.. Cheers
  2. Baldy


    Well thats the old girl sorted apart from 1 hose and headlight.scrubbed up well for a. 23yr old
  3. Baldy


    My jt has a lighting kit ,a few of the lights have seen better days.. Can anyone tell me if theyre 6 or 12v Tia
  4. Baldy

    Evening all

    Any major probs or niggles i should know about peter .ive just read some of your advice from 2007 so sounds like you know your onions so to speak.. What spec oils ? any bearing ,cooling issues ? Are there any workshop manuals available /downloads etc. Tia
  5. Baldy

    Evening all

    Recently purchased a gasgas contact jt 350..is there anyway of identifying the yr off the frame no.. Thanks in advance
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