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  1. Hello sammyd173, Yes, the key is to allow the longer spoke to move back enough! I already got my issue fixed and your suggestion is absolutely correct. Thanks a lot! Steve
  2. Hi Jonnyc21, Actually, I eneded up loosening up three spokes instead of one, but the problem still couldn't be fixed. I figured there is no enough space for longer spoke to move backwards more to allow nipple to get in. Anyhow, thanks for your input to me! I'll try something else to get this issue fixed. Merry Christmas! Steve
  3. Hi "on it", Yes, the nipple has two different directions of threads! If it's not correctly screwed in, the aluminum nipple could easily be damaged. Thanks for your input! Steve
  4. Hi Lineaway, Yes, there are 4 different sizes of spokes! Two longer ones and two shorter ones are located on either sprocket side or disc side. I found it's easier to replace spokes and nipples on Morad but DID. They're all flanged tubeless rims but different design on hub. Thanks for your input! Steve
  5. Hello...... I'm new here and have one question on my Repsol rear wheel. I'm trying to replace one broken spoke on my rear DID rim, but I couldn't get the nipple to connect with two section spokes correctly. Could anybody please help and teach me how to get this job done? Thanks a lot! Steve
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