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  1. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    New injector solved nothing. Weird. I'm going to talk with the guy that repaired pump and see what he thinks. Saga continues. Belch.....
  2. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    Finally got the pump back. Bike starts, but, only idles. Falls on it's face at quarter throttle or higher. Guy that fixed it said old pump was very dirty and he usually cleans injectors too. He's 6 hours away so thiscwas not an option. I have a good injector on the way . Well see if this solves the problems. Ugh...more to comer.
  3. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    should have it back in a few days. Ill keep you guys posted. Jason
  4. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    I spoke with Adrian Lewis of Lewisport and learned that if it doesn't fire up with 12V DC it is broken. The bad is the pump costs about $1000 new!!! The good news is he has a fix with a GM product for $300. I'll keep you posted. Jason
  5. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    It is, and I've tried both polarities without luck. Good call on not rushing out. Not sure what gear to test it out though. Figure it either works or dosent when you feed it power. Im all ears. Thanks guys.....
  6. jbrownmxr

    4RT Fuel Pump

    Put my 2006 4RT away a few weeks ago running. Would not start today. Tore into it a bit and discovered it had spark and would fire with starter fluid. Further investigation reveled that the pump did not go on with 12V dc. No noise, no fuel no nothing. Before I send someone a whole pile of $$$ is there anything Im missing? Jason
  7. Okay, lets keep the topic on the back burner for now. But, come this fall, we/us should do something.
  8. I'll tell ya, I've only been there twice, but, I got a really bad feeling from it as it was so hammered. What with the trash, and the recent rules in Riverside I could see this places days being numbered. I would be willing to help with this what say we do it.
  9. Yes, I rode there just recently. Seems a lot of people like leaving their garbage out there. It's a shame as I'm sure this does not help in keeping a place open to the public.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. Funny, I of course am working the weekend of June 10th. Outstanding! I'll keeps trying though. Do you (plonklers folks) announce these "meetings" anywhere in particular? Thanks again Jason
  11. Been lurking, now I've stepped in from the shadows. Been to all the internet haunts for SoCal trial riders (ATA, Plonkers), but no bites on folks to ride with. So, if your in Orange County California, ride trials, and want to share gas and stories on a weekend let me know. Cheers, Jason
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