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  1. So. It's definitely a 93. The gear selector shaft was broken. Now on to the fan. Will connect the wires to see if it spins. I will give all wire connectors a good clean too.
  2. The ts is a trail bike.
  3. You guys seem to be having your own argument. I just wanted advice on fixing it
  4. It was a total wreck
  5. I just had a look. The 93 seems to be, more like it. It's not that I really like the bike. I have had it a week and the only chance I had to look at it was today. And it seems to be a little bit broke. Simply looking to find out how I can fix it. I'm hoping that the more advice I get, the easier it will be for me to sort the problems out. Im not brilliant with these things. But will have a go. I recently restored a 1979 ts185er. But a totaly different bike. Being air cooled.
  6. I can only go off the vin number. But I will take a look. Any info repair tips are most welcome
  7. Hi. I called gasgasuk on Friday. It's a 94. The vin code says it was built in September 93 which makes it a 94 model, 8th off the production line
  8. It is rhythmic with the piston. And it's the same with the clutch in. Sounds like it's coming from somewhere near the gear shaft area. Oil change first then clutch to be looked at. Thanks. Paul
  9. Hi guys. Just bought a 1994 125 in good faith. Got it home. Noticed it wouldn't idle. Cleaned jets. Sorted. Left it running and coolant was spilling out from the filler cap. So the fan isn't running. Also there is a rattle from the engine, and it won't select the gears, I'm thinking this is linked to the rattle. Any advice would be great. can I buy repair and service manuals? Thanks. Paul
  10. Hi guys. Im Paul. Im 43 and I'm totaly new to trials. Just bought a 1994 gas gas jt125. And I'm finding all kinds of problems. gear select and cooling fan problems. There appears to be a rattle coming from the engine.
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