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  1. Only bearings I didn't replace... However... They're just a standard internal mtb head set. 1 1/8th size... NOT taper. Local bike shop will sell them. Or usual online places... Chain reaction or Evans. Before you replace, check you've not over tightened the compression - feels like a bad bearing or just pick out the seals and regrease and replace seals.
  2. 20r. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.
  3. Apologies for thread hijack. Is there an easy way to remove the motor? The top and rear Allen bolts I can get to, but short of removing the swing arm, I just can't get to the front lower bolt as the frame and swing arm are in the way. I'm don't want to remove the swing arm as drifting the axle out is likely to damage the bearings. We'll not until I have replacement bearings.
  4. Hi All, New here so first of all Hi! I'm into DH and Enduro MTB so know very little about trials so please be gentle. I've just picked up well used MY15 20R which needs a bit of TLC but at least most of the bits are cycle parts so easy to work on. On my list of things to do is bearings, replacing with some good quality SKF or Enduro. After much googling and an e-mail to Oset who haven't replied yet, I've drawn a blank as to sizes - found some info but it's conflicting. I'd rather know sizes before I start replacing to minimise new toy out of service so if anyone can remember what sizes the various bearings are: wheel, swing arm, motor, etc. that would be really really helpful. Also I was wondering where people get their other spares from, e.g motor brushes, fork seals / bushings etc. Thanks in advance, Rich EDIT: So the forum seems quiet. I'll update this post with bearing sizes as I find out. May be of help to folks in the future. Motor Bearings = 6001 2RS - 2 required. I'd suggest SKF or FAG. Front wheel bearings =61804 2RS - 2 required Rear wheel bearing = 6000 2RS - 2 required Swing arm = 6002 2RS - 4 required.
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