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  1. Hi all Just wanting to check wiring coming out of points system. I have bike up and running black wire to coil, Got other wires taped up on the outside of casing what colours are for what as mine is a montesa 348 1977 305.8 cc 51m53 3,300 bikes made. As I am wanting to wire up for lights So do I take 1 wire up to swich on handle bar for a live . Then get a earth up to swich then feed off switch for back light and brake light , and font head lamp for dip and main beam Did have Italian wiring colour code but not clear enough to see,and in English translation Which I am also running on roads with trials side car info would appreciated regards phil aussierider
  2. Hi there just wondering what makes it jump into gear when on tick over mine is a montesa 348 left mine on its stand and just jumped in to gear tipped over only broke clutch lever glad it was just that regards phil
  3. No had to move exhaust over slightly. It’s on but very tight and close to exhaust Also making exhaust too close to tank even know I fitted a aluminium shield to deflect heat off tank looking at re bending exhaust pipe to move away from spark plug cap,and down and out away from heat and plug
  4. thanks for that cleanorbust bought with spark plug screwed in side hole no wonder its quite right running great So will just change blanking cap plug to the side then same thread
  5. So the spark plug goes in top hole not the side does it make and different
  6. Can any one tell me the spark plug hole is on the side I am sure and hole on top for decompression I am I right for monty 348
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