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  1. @mbeers6 I'll have a look over the weekend, thanks!
  2. @section swept Apparently it had the gearbox oil done just before I bought it but I'll check anyway, cheers! Clutch in and when in gear seems to make the same noise. Was just concerned because it sounds more like its coming from the cylinder area and I'm not too familiar with 2 stroke engines Thanks for the reply!
  3. @huski I tried it this evening and it didn't seem to, just stayed the same
  4. @lineaway okay cheers! Was concerned it was piston slap or something like that
  5. I have recently bought my first bike, a gas gas txt Pro 125 06. It seems to be making a knocking noise when running as can be heard in the video. This is filmed straight after it has been started from cold. I have seen other videos of bikes making a similar noise so was just wondering if it is worth worrying about? Cheers, Joe https://youtu.be/VtRyl_wjqwM
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