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  1. Hi I have just replaced the front wheel bearings on my 1972 mark 1 MAR. It had felt washers in tin housings, I decided to replace the felt & tin with lip seals, as I believe these felt seals leaked water into the bearings. You need 2 one on the brake side & one on the other side, if you take your wheel to a bearing supplier they will measure it & supply the correct seals. Next time I have the front wheel out I'll check the seal number. Ausy Steve
  2. Hi I'm new to the trials scene I have just acquired an Ossa MAR 1972 mark1, it's in reasonable condition for its age and appears to be original and in unmolested condition. I am looking for sources of parts particularly in Australia. At the moment I need a new front axel & front fork springs & rebound spacers. Any help will be received with open arms. I have looked at some overseas web sites for the springs, most of them say will fit except for MAR Thanks ausy steve
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