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  1. Cheers Rich. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Yes, age is just a number, and if you're lucky enough to have your health and still be relatively fit, then you should go for it , and try doing the things that you fancy doing while you still can. Bill.
  2. Hi Woody. Yes I think we're talking about the same bike . Blue on Gumtree. Frame number - B 80002786 Engine - JM 12500027. If we are talking about the same bike, then thank you for all the information. You have given me all the answers I was looking for. Thanks also to all the other guys who posted. I am not at all concerned about the non matching numbers and mix of parts from different models, all I'm wanting is to get it registered and ok for road use. As i have said, I'm not familiar with all the Bultaco models, so your identification of the various model parts is a great help. Thanks again Bill
  3. Hi all. Just joined the group today, so i am new to the forum. This is my first post, and hopefully I can get an answer to my query. I have reached the stage of giving up my Kawasaki ZXR in favour of something smaller and lighter, and as i owned a Montesa Cota 247, and ran it on the road (about forty years ago ! ) i thought that this would be the way to go. I am in the process of buying a Bultaco sherpa at the moment, with the intention of getting it registered for the road, and entering a couple of road runs . The bike doesn't have a V5 . The owner says that he has had an HPI check done, which didn't show up anything. I have been reading all the posts about getting an age related number, and think I am quite happy with the process and procedures that need to be taken. My query is that the bike has a frame number B 8000**** and the engine is stamped JM 125000** .I don't know very much about the various Bultaco models and numbering process, but I have had a look on the Internet. The seller tells me that the bike is standard, but it looks to me like it has a non matching 350 cc engine. I am not too bothered about that, but I don't want to go through the age related number process with DVLA and find out that i can't get one, and i don't want to put it on a Q plate. I would appreciate any of your thoughts on the bike , and hopefully get some positive answers, so that I can get things moving. Bill
  4. Hello all . Just joined the forum , and am very impressed with the all the different topics available. Forty years back i was interested in trials, and had an old Montesa Cota 247 ,which I used on the road for a couple of years ,and although I never took part in a trial, it allowed me to get up into the hills as an observer with the local Loch Lomond club. I then drifted away from bikes as work and family commitments took over the wallet. About fifteen years ago I became one of the born again bikers, and got back on the road with a Kawasaki ZXR 750. This is now getting a bit big and heavy for my aging bones, so it will have to go. I now have this notion to get myself an older trials bike and maybe try a couple of road runs like the Bob Mcgregor or moidart or Beamish even . I am in the process of buying an older Bultaco at the moment, and will be posting a question about the bike in another topic . Bill
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