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  1. Hi! I was washing my TRS after riding yesterday and I noticed there was a bit of transmission oil along that little crack. Looks like the case is a bit misaligned right at the seam. What could have caused that? Other than hitting rocks with the skid plate... Thanks a lot
  2. Hi. Anyone got a broken rear suspension wishbone arm on a TRS one 300 2016 ? Bearing seals and ball joints were lubricated 10 hours of riding before that. Just bought the bike. Yesterday at the club's race, my rear supsension exploded over a 4 ft drop on the second lap. Is it a commun thing? I ordered a knew shock too but...Is that part of the TRS à problem? Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks a lot! I finally just bought a trs one 300 2016 for 5000 CDN. I had a lot of fun trying a vertigo combat.. Interesting bike! Very smooth.. But the TRS is exactly the bike that I needed. Loving it!! Cheers
  4. Hi! I am getting back into trials bike and i would like to know what you guys think about these bikes. I found a Beta rev3 270 2008 for 3200 $ CND and a Montesa Cota 4rt 250 2008 for 4100 $ CND they both are in pretty good shape, but they were not ridden a lot in the past couple years. No much signs of corrosion, mostly normal use scratches. Do you think it's worth the money, or I should put a little more for a newer bike, like a 2016 Vertigo combat 300cc for 5000 CND Thanks a lot for your advices! JF
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