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  1. Looks like I tracked it down. 2011 it appears the rear wheel design changed from my 2009 setup. Does anyone know if the 2011 EVO wheel would fit an '09 EVO?
  2. What year did Beta improve/change their rear tubeless tire from having the rubber band around the middle? I've heard the newer Beta's use a different type of tubeless wheel than my '09 EVO has... Cheers
  3. Just got my first trials bike. Have been mostly street riding and adventure riding the past several years and done a bit of road racing and track riding, but won’t have time for racing for the next few years so I decided to trade my race bike in on a trials bike! Have lots of past dirt experience and I own an adventure motorcycle touring company in BC Canada (Canadian motorcycle adventure tours, CMATours.ca), but I’ve wanted a trials bike for years for honing my skills, so I’m really excited about it! Just need the snow to melt now. Traded the road racing bike in for an ‘09 Beta evo 290. I’ve always loved two strokes so we will see if that translates to trials bikes as well...needs some cosmetic tlc but seems to run good!
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