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  1. AdamDW

    Fantic 303?

    Thanks for the reply Jonboy! I did forget to mention it is monoshock and also found a stamp on the front of the frame that might be useful: 376. I gave the carb a good clean out a few days ago and got it running, since then it has started every time first go, sounds sweet. Hopefully it will be worth something to the right buyer. Thanks again.
  2. AdamDW

    Fantic 303?

    I have a Fantic trials bike, thought to be 80cc and from 1988. The frame reads DGM 52778 and the underside of the fuel tank reads 2937-88. From reading up and looking through pictures i believe it to be a 303 but I'm no expert and am looking for some insight if possible. I'd also love to know what this thing is worth. Thank you!
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