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  1. The idle gear is actually fine the piece you see broken here is the bart gear
  2. Clutch cover off and that’s what I found, piece of cog was down near the shaft any ideas on what’s next?
  3. Hi there, my friends got a 300 gasgas and through stupidity and frustration he has kicked the kickstart over repeatedly and very hard and it no longer feels to engage. You can push it down with your fingers but it does spring back to the top. Any ideas on what part he’s broke and how big of a job it is to fix? cheers
  4. Fan and head gasket and water pump where nackered, fixed it then swapped for a 2020 4rt??
  5. Hello there, I have just purchased a 2014 st300 with a cracked radiator. I have replaced this with a brand new item filled her up with new coolant. When testing the bike after a few minutes of riding it got very hot and coolant started to bubble out of the ‘release valve’?? A little brass thing at the top next to the filler cap? Just wondering what people’s thoughts are? thanks John
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