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  1. What font is this? Or a close one? Bob Tucson
  2. Have a 67 LaCross with a Cappra 250 63M motor. I am relocating the condenser to the coil area and away from the heat under the flywheel. Any suggestions? Should I use stock condenser or can I just use a automotive one? Bob Tucson, Az
  3. Hi FT Welder. On my Montesa Cappra I would like to take the condenser and relocate it to the coil area - to get it away from the heat at the crankshaft. Your thoughts on this - is this an remedy. Is coil and system on 67 Cappra 6v or 12v coil? Or something else? Thanks for any help. Bob TucsonI
  4. Bob - New from Tucson, Az 67 Montesa LaCross I pulled the Montesa out of the garage after 25 years due to a different location. Life just gets in the way. What amount of oil do I put in front forks on each side? How do I hook up the condenser? Which side of coil? Does wire coming out of engine go to positive side of coil? Bike has set for 25 years - still turns over well. Do I understand that there might be an issue with starting because of the magnets inside of the flywheel. Do they loose their magnetism ? Is there a procedure to start this for the first time? Thanks for your help in advance.
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