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  1. Thanks for reply, got it sorted it was only the circlip that had failed. Put a new one in, now working better than ever. Thanks for help.
  2. Hello, my clutch slave cylinder has gone I've got a repair kit. I can't get the exhaust front pipe off for easy access due to bolts being rounded off , how easy is it to install repair kit without removing exhaust. Thanks for info.
  3. Just got my first bike Scorpa sy250 2006 Lots of questions Standard or super unleaded Best 2 stroke oil to use and ratio Best gearbox oil Best pads front and rear and brake fluid Anything i should specifically do or keep my eye on or mods I should do. Thanks all.
  4. Thats looking true, i might have to up my budget, I will still tell the wife it was £1500.
  5. Yes, sounds like my problem, anything reasonably priced in the £1500-2000 bracket that is in good condition goes really quickly or is 200+ miles away, and that bargain everyone else gets is never there when you are looking.
  6. That's what I'm thinking as not an easy fix. Thanks for reply.
  7. Hello, i'm new to trials ideally want a 250, but 290's and 300's are a lot better value and cheaper second hand, can you reduce the power any way to make them easier for a beginner. I'm looking at a beta evo 290 2011. I have road bike experience, I know this is totally different to trials but i do know how to ride a bike. Thanks for help.
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