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    Bought from Gordon Farley Motorcycles of Guildford on 9th July 2020 (this year) for £1,650. Advertised as a 'Southern bike'. Have receipt plus letter from beta to support registration. For personal reasons have hardly ridden it (two sessions of about 20 minutes round my field/wood). Realise that I will take a hit but would accept £1,500. Btw I found Gordon and Scott both excellent people to deal with and have no doubt that the bike is as good as they told me. They are happy to buy the bike back but am advertising it here at an 'in-between' price. Please, please no silly offers. Am in East Sussex.

    1,500.00 GBP

  2. I'm told a few taps on the bowl does the trick. The carb has been cleaned recently (was running on and surging on t/o when it did return to it). The problem of emulsified oil was also addressed. Just starting on trials. What (else) can go wrong? 🤓
  3. Yes it will probably be fine w/o a stand mostly. But it p****s petrol anyway and god knows how much would run out if it has to be lain on its side😂
  4. I'm wondering if the 'double U' bracket is f....d too. Have tried squeezing it up as jonboy883 suggested but am not confident it will work. The two bolts clamping it to the frame were tricky to get at. Not looking forward to re-attaching only to find it's a wot. Oh well. I live and very slowly learn.
  5. I realise that NOW. What I'm asking for is advice on how to get it back into position. It does not seem to be just straightening it.
  6. Any idea why my photo didn't load. Would like jonboy883 to see it.
  7. Thanks. Won't try that again. Tried to attach a photo to make sure we are referring to the same stand. But it failed to load (only 5.4mb)!
  8. New to trials bikes and lhs kick start. Tried kicking over whilst on sidestand. Oh dear. Now sidestand bends under the bike when down (no good at all) and threatens to rub on back wheel when up. Couldn't 'straighten it out' in situ. Have taken it off and bracket looks 'bent/weak/dodgy. Not obvious to me what to do. Anyone with experience of this problem that can help? Thanks
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