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  1. We only got it ive been told to drain out the gear oil and put in diesel drive it for about 10 min changing and sliping tha gears then drain it and put fresh gear oil back in not sure if this is right? What gear oil is used and how much? Cheers
  2. I got in touch with a dealer he said the gas gas will fit but I need to use the jotagas fitting at the bottom. Thanks for all you replies folks much appreciated
  3. I'll give it a try the next time we're out. Thanks for your help
  4. HI there just got my first jotagas jtg 250 trails went out on it for the first time a the kick start lever broke, it broke in below the middle see pic below, So I just need the kick start lever. Dose anyone know where I can get one, or dose any other brand off bike fit? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi there I just bought my son a 2008 Sherco 125cc trails, there seems to be a problem with the cluch? When pulling in the lever put the bike into 1st gear on letting out the cluch there's nothing then it stalls? I'm new to all this so please no silly answers Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there, just bought my son a 2008 Sherco 125 trails,  just notice when pulling in the cluch putting it into 1st gear when releaseing the cluch it just stalls,  there's no bitting point, any ideas?                

    I'm new to all this so please no stupid comments?

    Thanks in advance




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