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  1. Thanks to Jimmyl for offering Richard Allen as having a set of forks for the Montesa 315r. I contacted Richard on September 4th and he does or did have a set of forks and gave me a price. He also gave me a price for postage and provided a bank account number to send payment. I required an invoice showing all charges, I know what the item and postage is but dont know if any taxes or other possible fees. I agreed to a wire transfer and would do so on receiving an invoice, researching the wire transfer $40 US and currency exchange fees I found that my costco anywhere credit card would not cost me anything. Richard never responded to weather he could accept credit cards or if he had a paypal account. I was warned that with a wire transfer I should first send a dollar to test for right account and then send balance. That would double the cost. Anyway after over a month and twice being told he would send invoice I have not received invoice.At this point I am willing to do whatever it takes as long as I get an invoice showing what I am buying along with all charges and total to be paid. On September10 he asked if email or post and I replied email was fine, on September 28 sent note if he forgot me and still have heard nothing. This long introduction is a request for both insight into Richard Allen's business and a request for any leads on a 38mm paioli forks for a 1999 Montesa Cota 315r any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the Richard Allen lead he is very helpful. I meant to post in general topics but am still learning website. Hopefully I can get running and have a lot of other questions to bother everyone with. Interesting browsing the forum.
  3. How can Richard Allen be contacted?
  4. 1999 cota 315r has a broken lower right fork bracket. The front forks are Paoili 38mm. It seems to be common for the clamp to break as this one has but this one also has a hair line crack between the oil chamber and the axle. Kind of weird finding an oil leak in your front axle, anyway trying to find a replacement for it, or if that does not work out a replacement set of lowers or another set of forks. As a newbee I am not in contact with anyone involved with trials, and any advise is welcomed. If you know if the Beta 38mm lower will work please let me know which model it is. Thanks to you who made the replies in my introduction
  5. Hello from Boonville Indiana. A buddy and I went to trials school in TN 15 years ago and when we came back I bought a used Montesa Cota315r and he moved to Idaho. The Cota set until now as no one to ride with. Finally decided to get it out to play a little a have run into a problem. The right lower fork was cracked on the clamp. This seems to be a common problem but I have also discovered a hairline crack allowing oil to leak out thru axle clamp area. I have found a welder willing to take this on but he has asked if I can find out the metal composition of the piece. As it’s seems the Paoila 38mm lower is now an unobtainable part help any info is appreciated. If welding is not successful I welcome any advise on possible solutions. I am an old guy so it will not receive excessive abuse but still want it to be safe and good for anyone to enjoy. Thanks in advance.
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