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  1. Seems that is going for 2000. It has the seat and the big tank also. That alone cost like 350 or more... i can't find nothing decent for that price around here im in Texas.
  2. Lalispeed

    Beta evo 250 2t

    Just courious how much you paid for it?
  3. Im negotiating a 2003 rev3. He ask u$2300 for it. Im trying to get it below 2. Any thoughts? Price is right ? Or to high or im overthinking. Thanks for your opinion
  4. Nice. But Im in Texas... shipping will be more expensive than the bike....
  5. Im not fancy and i don't care much about the aesthetics of it. If i can learn the proper technique its enough to me. Where will be a good place to look for it?.
  6. There is a chance to get something under 2 grand for a first bike?. Any options out there? Where or what i should look for?.
  7. Hi!. Im into dirt biking for over 8 yrs now. Looking to get my first trial bike soon since i have wife authorization....
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