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  1. The sherco manuals are pretty useless and can't find much on Google, what 2 stroke would it need? Synthetic or semi? And what type of coolant do they use?
  2. Thanks, I can't find much info on oil ratios for it. My beta used to be 70ml to 5L petrol. And it only lists 10/40 oil, so assuming the same as I put in my car?
  3. So no more worrying about having to run the carb out after use? Is the kehinn carb a good upgrade for a 2 stroke?
  4. Just had a 250 st dropped off this morning, hadn't done my research on them before I bought it tbh. One thing I noticed it's had the original carb swapped for kehinn, any reason? Are they better? Also where is the fuel tap on one of these? I read a topic about someone removing their carb and the fuel just poured out.. Or do they not have a tap?? Seems odd.
  5. I've recently bought a 270 Rev 3, 2005 I believe, it rides great and has plenty of power for a novice like myself 😁 But it seems to take a few good kicks to start, last time I was out on it we swapped a plug to get it going then it ran OK on the original one. Trouble is the plug was very black like its running rich, took the carb apart earlier and it looks like the float height has been set lower (to lean it out I'm guessing) It's only my 3rd time on a bike but a couple of times going down steep hills the engine stalled. Any thoughts on it?
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