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  1. Thanks all for advise, did see shaft was a bit pitted, sanded down but probably still could be an issue. Will do a replacement kit which includes shaft. When ordering the cylinder head o-rings, is that the name they go by?
  2. thks for reply, any idea as to why the shaft normally also gets replaced. If I replace shaft should I do impeller as well?
  3. If its the one in the water pump you referring to I already replaced it due to the milky colour. Even after this change, first start and water in the new oil.
  4. Hi, Anybody able to advise on diagnosis. I have purchased a 2002 Gas Gas TXT PRO and done full service on the bike. Replaced water pump seal as engine oil was milky reamy colour. Bike starts easily but within few minutes(as soon as warmed up) coolant pushes out radiator overflow and new replaced oil turns milky colour. Have replace Fan(bearings shot) as well as new thermostat. Flushed complete water system. No oil present in coolant when drained. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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