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  1. cheers for that and thanks to woody too
  2. hi is it essential to wire clutch nuts and how tight should nuts be handbook says nuts should be fully tightened then backed off 3 full turns my lobito 175 has the smoothest and lightest clutch ive ever come across daft question what sort of wire......some can be brittle it needs ductility??? maybe copper ...too soft??? suggestions please
  3. hi i am a new member recommissioned a bultaco lobito 175 new piston new conrod kit new crank fitted by acme motorcycles put crankcases back together gears seem ok got engine going ... problem is fitting gear selector and return spring within clutch side casing if return spring is fitted as attachment photo then gear lever cannot move between 2 "bosses" 1 stationary in casing near clutch and 2 boss on selector back which attachs to pawl mechanism at 12o clock mechanism then held square by casing ......if spring is fitted as photo end of spring will not pass boss on casing any help would be welcome struggled for 2days ..must be missing something here ...engineering here seems naff compared to rest of the bike bike is 1975
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