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    BETA EVO 250 2016

    Cheers @dabado64 Just wondering would you premix or, is it common to premix 5 litres of petrol and oil and only use the required amount for the bike i.e maybe 2 litres to fill it, would it go off if left in the container premixed? Seams so many use the 5 litre ratio as the guide. Ta,
  2. Otischop

    BETA EVO 250 2016

    For 1 Litre of petrol?
  3. Otischop

    BETA EVO 250 2016

    Hi all, Brand new to the trials world and looking forward to getting out on my "New to me" 2016 Beta Evo 250. So just two things, probably mentioned loads here already but really would like some reassurance on Petrol/Oil Ratio, some say this, some say that. Just don't want to wreck it before I start. So 1 litre of Petrol with 20ml of Oil? that be fine or maybe 25ml? Just not sure. Also I noticed that the rear brake light didn't come on, opened up the cover and to my surprise no bulb, not even the housing that would hold it or wiring... Is that right for this bike? Thanks, Looking forward to asking more dumb questions as I venture into the world of 2 Strokes :) Otis.
  4. Thanks @rabie and @ChrisCH Will check out UPS and see. Weight only seemingly is costing more than the actual product so can see why too. Maybe a niche market for me here in Eire so I'll most probably end up getting one sent to the address of the shop I'm buying from and assemble it there on the day I pick up the bike. Anyway cheers all for the responses. Ta,
  5. Dave Cooper are mainland UK only so no sending to NI either unfortunately as that's only up the road from where I am in the south. I'm due to pick up the bike in a few months from a dealer in Manchester so will get one delivered to them prior to me collecting the bike. Would of been good to have it fitted pre collection but guess it's handy enough to fit them with the correct spanner sizes. Thanks Timdog anyway for the options,
  6. Thanks Mods for moving to the correct area of the forum, still navigating my way through your site.
  7. Hi all, New to the forum, presently ordered a 24R and will be collecting in mid Nov in the UK. My main query is transporting the bike. I drive a X-Trail that has a flange towbar, I wanted to get a Dave Cooper rack but they do not deliver to Ireland, hard to get anything like this over here. So do any of you boys/girls use something like a normal bicycle rack for your OSET's? Within the guidance of weight capacity etc. Thanks if anyone has any info, insights. Chop
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